As Easy as Bluetooth – The SITRANS LR100 Series Radar Transmitters


The SITRANS LR100 series will expand your horizons and help you succeed with level applications you previously had to leave behind.

The LR100, LR110, and LR120 are compact in size and cost-effective. They pack plenty of punch when handling liquids and solids applications (approvals dependent). With Bluetooth wireless technology and Mobile IQ on your smartphone or tablet, the SITRANS LR100 series is quick and easy to set up. The transmitter’s compact design and narrow beam (4° and 8°), due to 80 GHz operating frequency, means flexible installations in any vessel using existing openings—or even non-intrusively through plastic vessels.

  •  Easy Bluetooth® wireless technology for easy and quick setup with Siemens SITRANS mobile IQ App
  •  80 GHz narrow beam and small size allows for the easiest installation and commissioning
  • Custom radar microchip means signal killer conditions like condensation, buildup or fluffy solids are no match for the extreme sensitivity of the microchip, the weakest signals are still detected
  • Zero blanking zone allows measurement range right up to the sensor and with an accuracy of 2 mm you can get rid of costly manual measurement methods
  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0 ready with HART 7.0 or optional Modbus RTU for intelligent, value adding data locally or to the cloud
Device-specific information at your fingertips
Every Siemens transmitter is labeled with a QR code. With a quick snapshot on your smartphone, you will have instant access to quick start guides, manuals and complete device details. Easy, right?
Siemens Has a Radar Portfolio Second to None
Siemens is a global leader in radar level measurement. Take a look at the wide range of applications supported by the Siemens family of radar transmitters.