Conveyors – Why Replace a conventional exposed drive with a Rulmeca Motorized Pulley?

Conventional exposed conveyor drive systems typically include an external motor coupled to a gearbox or set of drive sheaves which in turn are connected to a drive pulley that act together to move a conveyor belt. To function well, this conventional system relies on the precise alignment and the proper maintenance and upkeep of  multiple independent systems that often operate in wet, sandy, demanding environments.


In contrast, Rulmeca motorized pulleys simplify the drive train and eliminate the externally interconnected components by elegantly locating the motor and speed transmission within the drive pulley shell itself. Many  advantages come along with this elegant solution including decreased conveyor downtime, reduced maintenance expense, less space required around the conveyor headworks, lower electrical power consumption, and improved safety. Additionally, Rulmeca motorized pulleys have been used to solve conveyor specific problems including belt slapping, belt slipping, and poor belt training. 


Rulmeca motorized pulleys can be provided to match most conveyor installation requirements. A wide variety of operating conditions can be met by matching the appropriate pulley diameter, drive horsepower,  belt speed, and lagging type.


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Ben Delich

Ben is an outside salesman for Jasper Engineering covering the Northern part of Minnesota and North Dakota in heavy industrial equipment. Ben helps solve equipment issues and provides alternative ideas to increase reliability, production, and equipment quality. Before starting at Jasper Engineering, Ben got his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology with a Manufacturing Management emphasis from Bemidji State University. Ben spent a few years working at a few local Taconite mines before coming to Jasper. Ben spends most of his time focusing on conveyor applications, pump and pumping systems, as well as a wide variety of other mechanical and process equipment. Ben enjoys boating, hunting, and hanging out with family.

Ben is available for plant visits and phone conversations at any time. You can reach Ben at bjdelich@jaspereng.com.