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Suppress fugitive dust emissions for cleaner air and a cleaner environment. Jasper Engineering presents Dust Solutions, Inc. which provides effective dust suppression systems for the power generation, mining, pulp and paper, aggregate, and many other industries where dust isn’t just a nuisance but a potential hazard. Contact the team at Jasper for a comprehensive review and recommendations for dust suppression systems. 

Why Jasper Engineering is Proud to Represent DSI

  • Highly effective at preventing and removing fugitive dust
  • Over 30 years of experience creating high-quality and effective dust suppression systems
  • Products used successfully in multiple industries including power generation, pulp and piping, mining, aggregate/cement/sand production, smelters, and more.

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DustTamer Wind Fence

DustTamer Wind Fence prevents dust from becoming airborne by reducing wind velocities downwind of a screen’s location. The special UV- treated fabric provides effective screening with special porosity that allows 30-50% of the ambient air to seep through the fabric. This equalizes ambient air pressure on either side of the fabric. This equalization prevents air from circulating and bringing dust airborne.

Benefits of DustTamer Wind Fence

  • Prevents dust from becoming airborne.
  • Sturdy UV-treated fabric lasts many years
  • Effective at reducing wind velocity 

Need installation services? We can connect you with authorized companies to install DustTamer Wind Fence for complete end-to-end dust suppression solutions. 

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