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Target nozzles and high pressure make a difference

Add DryFog & DustTamer Wind Fence for complet dust suppression solution

Suppress fugitive dust emissions for cleaner air and a cleaner environment. Jasper Engineering offers a complete and effective dust suppression system for the power generation, mining, pulp and paper, aggregate, and many other industries where dust isn’t just a nuisance but a potential hazard. With Dust Solutions products, we can help you develop a system to tackle fugitive dust emissions.

Why Jasper Engineering is Proud to Represent DSI

  • Highly effective at preventing and removing fugitive dust.
  • Over 30 years of experience creating high-quality and effective dust suppression systems.
  • Products used successfully in multiple industries including power generation, pulp and piping, mining, aggregate/cement/sand production, smelters, and more.
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NESCO Water Spray

Suppress even the dustiest stacker applications with DSI’s NESCO water spray. This highly effective system converts water supplied at normal 40 to 50 psi to 200 psi using a high pressure pump/high speed motor integrated with an electrical control system. The pump forced water at 200 psi into a manifold discharging to output lines.

Various spray pattern configurations and targeted nozzles add just the right amount of water to suppress dust without overly soaking the material. The higher pressure prevents saturation of material, which can lead to blockages and damage material handling equipment.

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Additional Dust Suppression Solutions for Cold Climates

If your facility routinely experiences sub-freezing temperatures, we suggest the DryFog dust suppression system. This system produces minute water droplets of 1-10 microns to suppress dust without soaking, saturing, or wetting materials. The result is effective dust suppression without freezing and hazardous ice conditions.

Add a DustTamer Wind Fence to prevent excess dust from leaving the pile and you have an effective, state-of-the-art dust suppression system. Speak with the experts at Jasper Engineering to create a targeted dust suppression system that will effectively tackle fugitive dust.

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