Expansion Joint Site Inspection Tours for Gas Turbine Power Plants

The challenges of gas turbine systems place special engineering demands on expansion joints as they work to help ensure the stability and reliability of the gas turbine.   Annual site inspection tours will provide maintenance with a comprehensive report regarding the condition of the expansion joints to assist in developing maintenance plans and material upgrades to improve operational reliability. 


In gas turbine systems with high exhaust temperatures and increased efficiency output, special attention must be given to the expansion joints installed.  These components are exposed to extensive thermal stress, high flow velocities, many start/stop cycles for peak load, backup, etc.  


Site tours include inspection of the following components of the ductwork expansion joints to help prevent unscheduled down time:

  • Inspecting the metal backing bar, clamping bar and hardware on the flex plates for tightness
  • Looking for cracks or wear on flex plates
  • Looking for proper engagement of flex seals
  • Performing thermal imagery to identify and document temperature “hot spots”
  • Inspect the exterior belt for cuts, wear, burns and/or cracks.
  • Inspect the exterior belt for proper tension. 
  • Inspect the metal batten strips, clamping bars and hardware on the flanges for tightness.  
  • A complete report to the customer detailing the inspection of each joint and prioritizing each as low, medium or high priority.


A survey of expansion joints annually will give plant maintenance the opportunity to predict life cycles of these components and invest in exhaust upgrades for expansion joints to meet the demands of greater efficiency, output and reliability of gas turbine power plants. 


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Mark Hugger

Mark is the Sales Manager for Jasper Engineering’s mechanical division. He attended school at the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in Industrial Technology. Mark began his career on the supply and service side of heavy industry in 1993 and since that time has enjoyed working with customers to help reduce production costs and improve the reliability of their plant. Mark lives in Hibbing, MN with his wife and children and enjoys working on his home and cabin, and coaching youth sports.

You can reach Mark at mahugger@jaspereng.com.