Fabric Expansion Joint Solutions for HRSG Penetration Seals

To achieve the most from a HRSG the generator must operate and efficient as possible.  To do this more and more power plants are choosing fabric penetration seals to reduce unplanned outages, and to protect personnel and surrounding equipment.


Penetration seals are located in 3 places on the HRSG, the roof, side wall and floor and come in 3 different styles, mechanical slip, metal bellow and fabric.  Eagle Burgmann pen seals are fabric, and each pen seal requires a thorough analysis to determine the temperature, expansion, contraction, vibration and lateral movement the seal may endure.  Jasper Sales Engineers collect this information free of charge during a site tour and provide it to Eagle Burgmann engineers to present the customer with the best pen seal option to maximize their performance.


Fabric pen seals offer many benefits to metal including greater axial and lateral movement and the unique clamping design to prevent overextension failure.  The seals are internally insulated to 200 to 350 degrees F depending upon the surrounding environment and the internal pipe insulation does not compress and is rated to 1400 degrees F.  The thermographic image below depicts the operating temperature of the Eagle Burgmann pen seal engineered solution.   Most importantly, these seals are gas tight and minimize escaping heat and gases to protect personnel.


Jasper Engineering offers free site tours to collect the information required for seal replacement proposals and Eagle Burgmann offers complete turnkey installation services, and trained personnel to supervise projects related to pens seals and other expansion joints.

Mark Hugger

Mark is the Sales Manager for Jasper Engineering’s mechanical division. He attended school at the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in Industrial Technology. Mark began his career on the supply and service side of heavy industry in 1993 and since that time has enjoyed working with customers to help reduce production costs and improve the reliability of their plant. Mark lives in Hibbing, MN with his wife and children and enjoys working on his home and cabin, and coaching youth sports. You can reach Mark at mahugger@jaspereng.com.