Dust Tamer Wind Fence

Fugitive Dust Problem Due to Windy Conditions?

DustTamer™️ Wind Fence

As part of a comprehensive dust solution system, many companies opt to use several dust suppression methods: NESCO Water Spray, DryFog System, and a DustTamer™️ Wind Fence. Using multiple methods reduces fugitive dust emissions and offers the best possible protection for workers, local residents, and the environment.

“Oh,” you’re thinking, “we have a fence. We had the local fencing contractor put in a tennis court windscreen fence. That should be enough.”

But is it? Here’s why the average windscreen fence or even a solid fence doesn’t work as well at suppressing fugitive dust emissions.

Wind erosion causes an estimated 30% of dust emissions from storage piles. The right wind fence reduces that amount considerably and, when paired with NESCO Water Spray, a Dry Fog System or both, can offer excellent protection against fugitive dust.

The Concept Behind Wind Fencing

The concept behind wind fencing is easy to understand. When wind strikes a solid object such as a tennis court windscreen fence or a cinder block wall, it creates two different pockets of pressure: high pressure outside the fence and low pressure inside the fence. Wind seeks any opening, and even the smallest opening acts as a funnel through which the now highly pressurized wind can flow. It can also flow over the wall, picking up dust from the pile and sending it airborne. 

Nonpermeable wind fencing ends up creating rolling (particles moving on the ground), saltation (particles bouncing), and suspension situations (airborne particles) which can inadvertently make fugitive dust problems worse.

DustTamer™️ Wind Fence Is Different

The key to creating an effective wind fence isn’t to block the wind entirely but to actually reduce the wind speed. DustTamer™️ Wind Fence exerts effective control over wind speed by scientifically allowing enough air to pass through the fence and displacing deflected air to sheltered locations. Wind velocity lowers to the point where it no longer supports particle suspension and does not initiate particle movement. The result? Up to 75% reduction of wind speed within the sheltered area with the use of a DustTamer™️ Wind Fence system!

Jasper Engineering: Fugitive Dust Solutions

Jasper Engineering can help you address the problem of fugitive dust with a multifaceted approach to dust suppression systems. We can create recommendations to suppress dust and keep the local environment cleaner, as well as connect you to installation crews to correctly and effectively install DustTamer™️ Wind Fence systems. With the right combination of wind reduction and dust suppression systems, you’ll be able to meet OSHA, MSHA, and environmental requirements, keeping workers and the local area safe from fugitive dust.

Contact Jasper Engineering to schedule an appointment in the upper midwest region to address fugitive dust emissions and find effective dust suppression systems.