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Gearbox rebuild, gearbox repair, and gearbox upgrades for virtually all types and manufacturers of gearboxes

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IDC Gearbox Repair Steps

  • IDC’s process starts with a detailed teardown and inspection of every component, including the housing. This analysis takes into account the reducer’s housing, bearing/seal, shaft, and gear conditions.
  • After further research into the application, installation, and operating environment, IDC provides clients a detailed report. Often this inspection report, accompanied by color photography, specifies likely causes of failure and suggests measures to prevent recurring failures.
  • The final assembly checklist, including a no load spin test, assures the customer they are getting a gearbox back that is ready for duty. IDC provides the most thorough and comprehensive reducer repair services in the United States. IDC has rebuilt or improved virtually every type and manufacturer of reducer.
Jasper Engineering represents IDC Industries

IDC Gearbox Replacements

IDC can build you an exact drop-in replacement for your existing application. No need to build a stand or change your footprint.

If you want to make changes to your existing application while keeping the same footprint, they can upgrade horsepower, change speed, upgrade bearings and sealing, alter housing design, add cooling or heaters, and implement new shaft configuration.

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Jasper Engineering Offers IDC Gearboxes and Gearbox Repairs for Many Industries

Our expansive base of customers includes steel, power generation, cement, pulp & paper, mining, and more. We understand your equipment and your business, and our experienced staff draws on more than three decades of experience to solve your needs.

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