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IDC Industries Inc.

Uniquely combining comprehensive lines of standard power transmission equipment with custom machining, gear cutting, and gearbox repair services; IDC is your single source supplier for virtually any industrial drive component need. Explore the options of refurbishment, touch grinding, new upgrades, and reuse of the existing footprint with a Jasper representative.

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IDC Gearboxes

The Big Unit

The Big Unit gearboxes utilize the very best in gear design. Through careful design and engineering, the gear sizing and contact ratios are maximized to afford the best in both efficiency and long life. All gearing is manufactured and ground in house to exacting specifications. And lastly, the gearbox wouldn’t be a Big Unit if it didn’t meet IDC’s rigorous quality standards.

The YNOT Series

The “YNOT” is a drop-in replacement for the Y series gearbox. This is a brand new reducer not renewed. IDC has the capabilities to upgrade horse power in this series along with bearing and seal upgrades. It is equipped with ground gearing for better contact and a quieter operation.

The EH Series

The “EH” series gearbox is a drop-in replacement for the A series. This gearbox is equipped with hardened and ground gearing to AGMA 11 standards or better along with sealing and bearing upgrades.

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Jasper Engineering Offers IDC Gearboxes and Gearbox Repairs for Many Industries

Our expansive base of customers includes steel, power generation, cement, pulp & paper, mining, and more. We understand your equipment and your business, and our experienced staff draws on more than three decades of experience to solve your needs.

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