Jasper Engineering and DSS Valves were featured in an article for the July/Aug edition of Paper360 magazine

Jasper Engineering and DSS Valves Featured in Paper360

Jasper Engineering was recently featured in an article in Paper360, a trade magazine of the pulp and paper industry that reaches 32,000 readers worldwide.
The article focused on the unique safety features of DSS Valves. Jasper Engineering represents DSS Valves in the upper Midwest.
The article appears on page 37 of the July/August 2022 edition.

DSS Valves and Safety in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Tony Baratta, a former paper industry professional who now works for Jasper Engineering, was interviewed for his insights into the issue of safety in pulp and paper mills.
“One of the most notable near misses happens when you close a valve, and it looks like it’s closed, but due to a blockage in the line, or a plugged or leaking valve seat, it does not close properly,” he said. “A lot of times when you’re working on this stuff you may not know until you take the last bolt out that there’s still pressure in a pipe that was supposed to be valved out.”
DSS Valves solves this problem in several ways:
  • The positive lockout feature in the DSS Valve means that to lock the valve out, it must be fully closed or fully open.
  • A pin moves through a plate, ensuring it is completely open or closed.
  • If the pin doesn’t go through the plate completely, the valve isn’t closed.
Severe Service Knife Gate Valve (SSKGV)

Would you like to learn more about DSS Valves? Please contact Jasper Engineering to learn more about the unique properties of these rugged valves for the pulp, paper, mining, and other industries.