Thermon Heat Trace Protects Downspouts & Sidewalks at Jasper Engineering

As experienced representatives of Thermon Heat Trace products, Jasper Engineering had an opportunity to put Thermon’s products to use at our own Twin Cities office.

In our cold Minnesota winter, the warm sun on rooftops begins to melt the snow, and as the melt travels down and hits the cold metal surface of downspouts, gutters, or other materials, it refreezes.  Over time as this process repeats, icicles form.  In our case, it was a HUGE icicle.  This type of ice buildup can damage roofs, downspouts, or even break loose and fall on someone.

We installed a double run of Thermon’s RGS cable on our downspouts, which created a path for the melting snow, problem solved!

But that wasn’t the only problem that we were able to solve with Thermon products.  The frost and ice would lift the concrete outside our front door so much that at times we couldn’t fully open the door!

We removed the old concrete and installed Thermon’s KSR Heat Trace cable in the new concrete area with 6″ spacing and re-poured a new concrete pad.  The snow-sensor in the system turns on automatically when it’s needed, and saves us time & maintenance, while preventing damage and injury.

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