Let’s Talk about Floats for your Lift Stations

In the municipal world, many cities have lift stations that convey wastewater to their treatment facilities, whether they be large complex plants or simple lagoons.  Instrumentation for these lift stations can be simple like floats or more advanced technologies, like ultrasonic or radar level.


A lift station, depending on its size, has some basic equipment common to all stations.  Generally, these include a minimum of two pumps and some mechanisms for telling pumps when to turn off and on or to indicate high level alarms. Most often, we see floats and submersible level transducers as standard instruments for this purpose.  

When you consider the dollar investment into what a reliable pump system costs, why would you trust it to a float that is unreliable, unsafe and wears out from overuse?  Traditional floats often had copper wires, which break easily  or other wearing parts and many even had mercury, making them unsafe and in fact, banned in many states.  

Because Cox Research developed the OptiFloat system, these concerns can be eliminated.  Made of recycled materials, these floats are environmentally conscious, easy to install, virtually indestructible and because they are fiber optic, there is no electricity involved, making them inherently safe for lift stations and wet wells that generally require instruments to have area classifications.  Trust your valuable pumps to OptiFloat, which have been tested for over 15 million cycles without failures. With excellent warranties, you can rest assured your pumps are in good hands.


For more information, watch this video https://youtu.be/nVtWYZUrii8


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Debbie Elliot

Debbie Elliott serves as the Water/ Wastewater Business Manager at Jasper Engineering and is responsible for directing all sales and service efforts for the municipal market. Debbie directly calls on customers in Minnesota and South Dakota and also supports Jasper’s Outside Sales staff across our greater geographical territory.  Her efforts include bidding projects and completing submittals, providing industry specific product support, and participating in municipal trade shows.

Debbie has been with Jasper Engineering for more than 25 years.  She enjoys building relationships with customers and solving instrumentation problems

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