Linatex Hose: Why Hose in Place of Hard Pipe?

Compared to rigid and heavy steel pipelines,  slurry hoses have a distinct advantage due to their flexibility. This flexibility eases installation, reduces pipe loading on connected equipment, and adsorbs internal slurry transport energy, resulting in reduced wear rates and longer component life when compared to rigid steel bends. Linatex slurry hoses have the added benefit of the inner liner being made of Premium Wear Resistant Linatex which has the best wet abrasion resistance of all rubber compounds meaning all the previous stated benefits are realized for the maximum time possible.


Below are reasons to consider a Linatex slurry hose hose in place of piping.

  • Hoses provide more flexibility to handle misalignment
  • Linatex Slurry Hose can provide energy absorption increasing the wear life of the component
  • Easier to fit into tight spaces with a sharp bend radius
  • Allows axial expansion and contraction
  • Isolates pump vibration from pumping system
  • Can be installed with Wear Indicator System
  • Can be used to solve high-wear problem bends and fittings
  • Can be provided in cut-to length spools and flanged couplings to allow for easy field fitting.


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Dave Persson

Dave has been an Outside Salesman with Jasper Engineering for 22 years, covering mechanical equipment in Minnesota and South Dakota. Dave has a B.S. in Marketing from St. Cloud State University. He resides in Hibbing, MN, with his family. He also enjoys most outdoor activities, especially hunting, fishing and golf. You can reach Dave at dspersson@jaspereng.com.