Mercer Safety Relief Auto Seat Technology

Mercer Valve, located in Oklahoma City, OK is a 100% American Made / American Content safety relief valve manufacturer. They have multiple locations in the United States, including a field service operation based in Williston, ND. All of their valves are designed with the “Auto Seat Technology”, which can extend the operational life of you safety relief valves. 

“Auto Seat Technology” is Mercer Valve’s patented soft seat relief valve design. This design incorporates a non-rising stem that uses low rated springs to achieve a constant set pressure.  The disk and spring are fully guided which adds to accurate set pressures and offers the ability to re-seat after each operation.  The Lip Seal creates a tighter seal with less leakage up to full set pressure.  Mechanical Stops allow repeatable travel on every operation which translates to a stable flow rate and  greatly reduces spring stress. Because of “Auto Seat Technology” the need for repair is greatly reduced while allowing accurate set pressures and a tight seal.

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Steve Layton

Steve has worked in the process instrumentation and control field for the past 40 years and has worked at Jasper Engineering for 15 years.  He has a great deal of experience in problem solving and sourcing of valves, instruments and related components.

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