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NESCO Water Spray Targets Specific Areas for Accurate, Improved Dust Suppression

“Spray and pray” doesn’t work when it comes to suppressing fugitive dust emissions. Companies in the mining, materials processing, utilities, minerals, pulp and paper and similar industries for whom fugitive dust is a constant issue understand the importance of keeping it out of the atmosphere. Silica and quartz dust particles can cause lung damage if inhaled; coal dust and other forms of fugitive dust can damage equipment, cause unsafe working conditions and antagonize local homeowners.

The solution: fugitive dust suppression systems.

Not All Water Sprays Are Created Equal

The obvious answer to a problem isn’t necessarily the best one, and that includes the obvious answer to fugitive dust: just spray water on it.
Unfortunately, typical commercial water sprayers such as hose nozzles used in gardening and farming do not produce small enough water droplets to effectively rid the area of fugitive dust. They also tend to soak the material rather than wetting it down enough to suppress dust. And, they wet materials unevenly creating ineffective dust suppression.

Fine, Targeted Mist Is One Solution

Jasper Engineering is all about finding the best solutions for our customers. And that’s why we’re pleased to recommend NESCO water sprays from Dust Solutions, Inc. as one step in a comprehensive dust suppression system.
Unlike standard water nozzles for hose systems, NESCO nozzles produce a high pressure, targeted,fine mist spray that is the correct size to reduce dust. According to the manufacturer, “5% moisture by weight is the optimum amount of moisture to wet the fines in a material and prevent dust creation.” NESCO water spray systems atomize water to produce a fine mist small enough to wet fines evenly and suppress dust.

Three Ways to Tackle Fugitive Dust Emissions

Controlling fugitive dust emissions is often a multi-step process. We’re happy to help you develop a solution to tough dust problems at your facility in the Upper Midwest.
Other solutions available through Jasper Engineering include DustTamer Wind Fence to reduce wind velocity around piles, and DryFog which is a unique spray system that offers exceptional dust suppression.
If fugitive dust emissions are a concern or you are exploring products to assist with MSHA and OSHA requirements, contact Jasper Engineering at 800-776-6184.