Petron PK 140 for Cleaning Open Gear Lube

Petron PK 140 helps clean open gear lube (OGL) from machinery parts like gears, injectors and nozzles, ensuring smooth operation without stopping production.

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How to Effectively Remove OGL Buildup and Contamination from Open Gearing and Lubrication System Components While Maintaining Production Efficiency

The challenge of managing OGL (open gear lube) buildup and contamination on open gearing, injectors, nozzles, and other lubrication system components can disrupt production and compromise equipment performance. However, there's a solution that allows for continuous operation while effectively cleaning and maintaining these crucial parts.

Remove OGL Buildup and Contamination with Petron PK 140

Petron PK 140 is a specialized petroleum-based product designed specifically for this purpose. Its viscosity and high levels of EP additives make it ideal for cleaning open gearing while the equipment is still in operation, ensuring uninterrupted production. Here's how to utilize Petron PK 140 effectively:

1. Integration with Automatic Lubrication System

  • Petron PK 140 can be seamlessly integrated into the existing automatic lubrication system
  • Simply place the lube pump into the PK 140 barrel and adjust the timer settings on the lubrication system to dispense the product at 3-5 minute intervals over 24-48 hours
  • Regular monitoring of temperatures and visual inspection of the application process are recommended during this period

2. Comprehensive Cleaning

  • By applying PK 140 through the automatic lubrication system, not only the open gearing but also the lube lines, injectors, spray nozzles, and gear roots receive thorough cleaning
  • This method prevents buildup and restrictions in the lubrication system, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing downtime

3. Manual Application Option

  • In addition to automatic integration, PK 140 can also be manually applied using a handheld spray system for targeted cleaning in specific areas

4. Maintenance and Inspection

  • PK 140 facilitates the cleaning of gear guard drains and collection sumps, enhancing overall equipment maintenance
  • It serves as an effective preliminary step in gear cleaning for inspection purposes, reducing the need for extensive secondary cleaning or manual steam cleaning

By using PK 140 periodically, organizations can reduce labor costs associated with gear replacement, as it simplifies the cleaning process within gear guards and collection piping.

It's important to note that while PK 140 provides both cleaning and lubrication benefits, it is not intended for continuous use. Periodic application is recommended to ensure optimal performance without overburdening the equipment.

In conclusion, Petron PK 140 offers a reliable solution for removing OGL buildup and contamination from open gearing and lubrication system components while maintaining production efficiency and prolonging equipment lifespan.

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