SKF Lincoln SL-V Injector Adjustment

Learn how to fine-tune your SKF Lincoln SL-V lubrication system for precise performance by adjusting the output volume to acheive smoother machine operation.

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For optimal component life, manufacturers require the delivery of precise lubricant volumes to equipment lubricant points on a regular schedule. The exact amount of lubricant required can vary and depends on factors such as design, temperature, and operating environment. Each piece of equipment and each lubrication point can have a different requirement. Fortunately, the SKF Lincoln SL-V injectors offer a quick and simple means to adjust the amount of lubricant being delivered each cycle.This adjustment is accomplished via the injector adjusting screw.

The injector adjusting screw is located on top of the injector with a window to view the indicator pin. This adjusting screw is the stop for the injector piston. Adjusting the screw out or counterclockwise (CCW) will increase the output volume of the lube. Each counterclockwise turn results in a 0.014 cubic inch output volume increase.

SL-V Injector Adjustment:

  1. Remove the plastic cover on top of the injector
  2. Loosen the lock nut on the top adjusting screw
  3. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise by hand to reach the lowest output volume setting
  4. Turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise by hand counting the number of turns to achieve the desired output volume
  5. Tighten the lock nut and install the plastic cover
SL-V Injector Adjustment

SL-V Output Volume CCW Turns from Lowest Setting:

  • 0 Turns: 0.015 Cubic Inches
  • 1 Turn: 0.029 Cubic Inches
  • 2 Turns: 0.043 Cubic Inches
  • 3 Turns: 0.057 Cubic Inches
  • 4 Turns: 0.071 Cubic Inches
  • 5 Turns: 0.080 Cubic Inches

Proper positioning of the adjustment screw in combination with proper lubrication cycle times is the best way to ensure the correct amount of lubricant is being delivered to each point and will help achieve the longest mean time between failure of critical equipment.

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