Weir Hazleton Model SHW Quick Disconnect System

Learn about the Weir quick disconnect system for submersible slurry pumps, offering easy installation and removal without removing discharge piping.

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Submersible slurry pumps are a workhorse of heavy industry. They offer portability and power in a compact self contained pump package. That portability can become cumbersome when submersible pumps are deployed in very deep sumps that require excessive lengths of discharge piping or hose. Fortunately, Weir has a solution for this - the Weir Hazelton quick disconnect system. The quick disconnect system guides the pump into the sump with an automatic connection to the discharge pipe. The system allows for easy removal and installation of the pump. You do not have to remove the discharge pipe/hose as required in other slide rail systems.

Quick disconnect system for Warman SHW submersible sump and slurry pump

Quick Disconnect Design Features

  • Guide Brackets - The guide brackets are used to support the slide rails to the sump wall. Intermediate guide brackets may be required. This depends on the sump depth. The brackets are available in carbon steel or 316 stainless steel.
  • Guide Pipes - The slide rails are either 2" or 3" sch 40 pipe depending on pump size. The rails are cut to length in the field which allow for custom fit. The rails are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel.
  • Seal Ring - A sealing ring is used to seal the pump discharge to the elbow. The seal has been designed to accommodate misalignment.
  • Pump Guide Bracket - The pump guide bracket bolts to the pump discharge. The bracket guides the pump on the slide rails and to the discharge elbow. Affirming the pump location.
  • Discharge Elbow Stand - The elbow stand is designed to be mounted on the sump floor or wall. The elbow is designed to handle abrasive slurry. The elbow is made of 450 HT hardened material.

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