Petron PK 140 for Cleaning Open Gear Lube

How can I remove OGL buildup and contamination from open gearing,  injectors, nozzles, and other lube system components while keeping production going?


Viscous OGL (open gear lube) used on open gearing works very well to protect your girth gear investment, but keeping lube buildup and  contamination from the gear faces and roots can be a challenge. The restriction and plugging of lube lines, pumps,

injectors, nozzles, & collection sumps with this very viscous product can be another problem area. Petron PK 140 is a product you can use periodically to clean and help keep these components operating optimally without stopping production.

Petron PK 140 is a viscous, petroleum based product designed to clean open gearing of lubricant and contamination while the gearing is running under load keeping production going.  It contains high levels of EP additives to lubricate gearing during the cleaning process.

  • Designed to be applied through the automatic lubrication system in place of open gear lubricant.  To install, place the lube pump into the barrel of PK140 and adjust the timer setting on the lube system to 3-5 minute intervals for 24-48 hours.  Regularly monitor temps and visually inspect the application while using PK 140  
  • Applying through the automatic lube system helps to clean the lube lines, injectors and spray nozzles along with the gear and root of both the pinion and gear.
  • Use PK 140 regularly to prevent build up and restrictions in your lube system and before extended downtime.  
  • PK 140 can also be applied manually with a hand held spray system. 
  • PK 140 also assists in cleaning gear guard drains and collection sumps after application to open gearing.  

PK 140 is also a great first step in gear cleaning for inspection purposes. The product loosens OGL and buildup on the gear, reducing the time required by a secondary cleaning product and/or manual steam cleaning to remove the remainder of the product. 

PK 140 is a well suited cleaning product to apply prior to a gear replacement to reduce labor costs associated with cleaning inside the gear guard and collection piping. 

PK 140 is designed to be used periodically to clean open gear lubricant while providing lubrication during equipment operation. It is not intended for continuous use.


Please contact Jasper Engineering today for information on Petron PK 140, gear cleans, and gear inspections at (218) 262-342 or (952) 938-6504, or email us at sales@jaspereng.com, or visit the Petron website at www.petroncorp.com.

Petro Kleen 140 Spec Sheet

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