Process Hack: Save Valuable Time by Knowing Your Resources

This has been a week of deadlines. We all have projects that need to be completed by a certain date and time. Time is the only truly finite resource. We can always get more money or capital, more labor, more materials, but we can never get more time.


The momentum of industry is unyielding. There is money that needs to be reinvested into the business to earn a return. There have to be people to do the design and installation and equipment available to actually install and make the new process work. We want to see an ROI ASAP, therefore we put a deadline on project completion. When a project is delayed for one reason or another, money is lost and time is squandered. What are we going to do differently to maximize our time and resources on the next project? What can we do to meet or beat the next deadline? We are all not experts at everything.


Let’s work towards meeting the right people and organizations that can help us save time on our next projects. If we sacrifice a little bit of capital up-front on some experts, we can save a lot of time on our projects. How can I, Patrick Harlan, or the fine folks at Jasper Engineering & Equipment help you on your next project?

Patrick Harlan

Patrick Harlan holds a degree in Biological Systems Engineering from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has more than 20 years of experience in industrial process control. Patrick works with customers located in Nebraska, Western Iowa, and Southeast South Dakota specializing in process instrumentation, heat trace and controls valves. Patrick’s approach is to specify products and solutions which will better measure, control and optimize your process. 


If you seek to measure efficiencies, obtain tighter control of processes, and increase plant safety, Patrick welcomes your questions at (402) 440-2325 or PHarlan@JasperEng.com