Instruments for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, level, and weight
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Our Instrumentation Products

Level Measurement

  • Instrumentation > Level Measurement: Point Level Switches from Jasper Engineering

    Point Level Switches

    Capacitive, rotary paddle, ultrasonic, vibrating and fiber optic point level switches

  • Instrumentation > Level Measurement: Continuous Level Transmitters from Jasper Engineering

    Continuous Level Transmitters

    Radar, guided wave radar, ultrasonic, capacitance, gravimetric and hydrostatic level transmitters

  • Instrumentation > Level Measurement: Level Controllers from Jasper Engineering

    Level Controllers

    Level monitoring and control for radar, ultrasonics and any two-wire 4-20 mA devices

Flow Measurement

  • Instrumentation > Flow Measurement: Flow Meters from Jasper Engineering

    Flow Meters

    Electromagnetic, coriolis, ultrasonic clamp-on, vortex, open channel, differential pressure, thermal mass and turbine flow meters

Pressure + Temperature Measurement

  • Instrumentation > Pressure Measurement: Pressure Transmitters from Jasper Engineering

    Pressure Transmitters

    Pressure transmitters and switches for absolute, gage and relative pressure

  • Instrumentation > Temperature Measurement: Temperature Sensors from Jasper Engineering

    Temperature Sensors

    Temperature sensors, thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermowells and thermal imagers

Weight Measurement

  • Instrumentation > Weight Measurement: Belt Scales, Weighfeeders and Solids Flowmeters from Jasper Engineering

    Continuous Weighing

    Belt scales, non-contact radiometric weight scales, speed sensors, weighfeeders and solids flowmeters

  • Instrumentation > Weight Measurement: Load Cells from Jasper Engineering

    Load Cells

    Platform, bending and shear beam, s-type, and compression load cells

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