Retractable Conveyor Belt Idler Frames

Replacing a conveyor belt idler roller is an ongoing, constant battle in industry. Jasper Engineering can help to reduce safety concerns, downtime, and more by changing standard idler frames over to retractable idler frames from Rulmeca.


When changing out conveyor idler rollers, production loss and safety are a big concern .  How can we do it safely and without significant production loss?  By installing a Rulmeca retractable frame, we can significantly shorten the time it takes and reduce the exposure to risk for employees performing the work.  Rulmeca’s design (shown in the picture below) allows you to slide out the frame and replace rolls in a much shorter time than conventional idlers that require you to lift the belt and work under it to remove damaged rolls.  

Loading areas are a key place where the Rulmeca trippable frames come into play.  Areas where the belts can not be lifted and rolls can’t be accessed, the slide out frames are a huge success in allowing for quick and safe maintenance. 

There are times when you have belts coming up tight galley ways with a limited amount of access on one side.  With the Rulmeca retractable frame, we can help eliminate the difficulty in getting to that far roll by sliding out 1 or 2 on a particular side. 

Having the ability to safely and quickly replace cut or damaged rollers enables you save money by protecting your expensive conveyor belt from premature replacement. 


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Mark Hugger

Mark is the Sales Manager for Jasper Engineering’s mechanical division. He attended school at the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in Industrial Technology. Mark began his career on the supply and service side of heavy industry in 1993 and since that time has enjoyed working with customers to help reduce production costs and improve the reliability of their plant. Mark lives in Hibbing, MN with his wife and children and enjoys working on his home and cabin, and coaching youth sports.

You can reach Mark at mahugger@jaspereng.com.