Rotary Kiln Alignment Inspection

The purpose of a kiln alignment inspection is to precisely determine the drums positioning in plan and elevation view and detail the corrections required to improve the performance and operation of the kiln. Misalignment in kilns can lead to excessive forces and wear on bearings, gearing, rollers, and riding rings leading to expensive, premature failure. Carrying roller slopes are identified as well along with necessary recommendations.


Performing a kiln alignment service provides the customer with the following information about their kiln:  

  • Slope of the kiln towards discharge
  • Kiln Axis measurements:  slope, horizontal axis/plan view alignment (shell centerline in relation to base centerline) for both piers and all four roller support base slopes, shimming of rollers and calculated recommended adjustments.
  • Tire migrations:  the relative, tangential, rolling movement of contact points on the kiln shell and the tire in relation to one another during one revolution.
  • Axial balance of kiln:  skewing of support rollers, evaluation of axial thrust, consequences of excessive thrust, side guide and tire supporting block visual inspections, the condition of roller surfaces. 
  • Visual inspection of the kiln drive stations
  • Supplementary measurements:  tire and supporting roller diameters, positions of tires and supporting rollers, visual inspection of tires and supporting rollers, thrust device visual inspection, kiln seal visual inspection 


With this information in hand, the maintenance team and plant management can accurately plan and schedule any required service before it becomes a major problem.

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Mark Hugger

Mark is the Sales Manager for Jasper Engineering’s mechanical division. He attended school at the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a degree in Industrial Technology. Mark began his career on the supply and service side of heavy industry in 1993 and since that time has enjoyed working with customers to help reduce production costs and improve the reliability of their plant. Mark lives in Hibbing, MN with his wife and children and enjoys working on his home and cabin, and coaching youth sports. You can reach Mark at mahugger@jaspereng.com.