the Big Unit from IDC Industries

The Big Unit, Performance Series Gear Box: Because Bigger Really Is Better

You know what they say. Size matters. And The Big Unit is proof that bigger is better. Let’s look at what makes The Big Unit the best you can get.

What Is The Big Unit?

The Big Unit is IDC’s custom-designed gearbox.  A gear box designed to the customers application, not the other way around.  It’s available in a variety of configurations including Parallel, Right Angle, Planetary, Large In Line, and Large Worm.  No more searching through catalogs to find a reducer to fit the needs of your most critical applications, IDC customs builds the Big Unit to give you the most up to date and advanced engineering, software and methodology in the design, manufacture and assembly of their High Performance Series Gearboxes 

Great Features Make the Big Unit Built to Last

The Big Unit includes features that are manufactured to last in Michigan at one of the largest, most complete machining facilities in the United States with a focus on gearboxes for faster turn around and shipping time.   There’s the specialized “heavy iron” design feature for optimum thermal capacity, service factor, and operational longevity, you’ll get oversized bearings and housing, along with maximized gear sizing and contact ratios. And, IDC is ISO compliant, manufacturing gearing using a Niles Gear Grinder that produces AGMA 11 to 13 gear quality. High-quality standards are maintained for each and every unit. All gearing is manufactured and ground in-house, utilizing the best in gear design, because you want a gearbox that’s going to last. Other upgrade features may include gear train loading, the lubrication system, heat dissipation, or even an overall gearbox upgrade for increased horsepower and/or service factor. In fact, if you have a gearbox that needs replacing, IDC can build you a Big Unit drop-in replacement. No need to try to build a stand or reconfigure anything! Your Big Unit will fit in the existing footprint of the old unit. 

IDC: Outstanding Service from Design to Delivery

IDC offers repair and parts support for all models, brands, and time periods with the fastest repair turn-around time in the U.S. So if you’re ready to experience the Big Unit difference, give Jasper Engineering a call today and learn more about IDC. Phone: (800) 776-6184 Email: sales@jaspereng.com