Are Frozen Pipes Freezing Production?

Prevent Costly Shutdowns with Thermon Heat Trace

The deep cold of northern winters challenges pipes and systems in every industrial facility. Unexpected shutdowns due to frozen pipes can be catastrophic to both production and profits. Is there a cost-effective solution?

Complete Freeze Protection Solution

THERMON HEAT TRACE offers a complete freeze protection solution that includes site audits to prioritize improvements and repairs, IIoT networked Smart Controllers that communicate to your operators if the heat trace is operational (or not), and the confidence which comes with local expertise and inventory. Quality workmanship, cables manufactured to eliminate cold spots, and easy-view 360-degree end of circuit beacon make THERMON the right choice for complex systems.

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Reliable Heat Trace Products

Thermon produces the widest range of heat trace solutions on the market to suit multiple applications. In addition to industrial heat trace cables and controllers, Thermon offers Insulated tubing bundles, steam trace, hazardous area heaters (both electric and catalytic), custom CEMS bundles, commercial snow melt solutions, leased temporary power systems, and more.

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