Valley Rubber Magnetic Patch Liners

In all industries unexpected holes arise every day, showing up in places such as chutes, pumps, launders, tanks, etc. that affect production. Valley Rubber Magnetic patch liners are just the ticket to get you back up and running until time allows to fix the real problem with scheduled maintenance.


Valley Rubber Magnetic Patch liners are a great solution giving you long life and protection against industries’ harshest environments.  The properties that these rubber magnetic patch liners carry help eliminate and protect your equipment from impacts, cuts, and tears.


When an unplanned failure arises, what easier way to get a hole patched and your equipment back up and running.  By sticking a Valley Rubber magnetic patch liner on your equipment, you can help avoid and eliminate very expensive unscheduled downtime.


The ease of use that these patch liners provide offer a quick solution for all types of personnel to handle. The integrated durable steel handle allows mobility for carrying these through your facilities.



Ben Delich

Ben is an outside salesman for Jasper Engineering covering the Northern part of Minnesota and North Dakota in heavy industrial equipment. Ben helps solve equipment issues and provides alternative ideas to increase reliability, production, and equipment quality. Before starting at Jasper Engineering, Ben got his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology with a Manufacturing Management emphasis from Bemidji State University. Ben spent a few years working at a few local Taconite mines before coming to Jasper. Ben spends most of his time focusing on conveyor applications, pump and pumping systems, as well as a wide variety of other mechanical and process equipment. Ben enjoys boating, hunting, and hanging out with family. Ben is available for plant visits and phone conversations at any time. You can reach Ben at bjdelich@jaspereng.com.