Valley Rubber – Rubber Haul Truck Box Liners

Trucks of all sizes are used in everyday haulage for a wide variety of materials including, ore, gold, sand, copper, nickel, coal and many other heavy, abrasive, materials. We know that the boxes on our equipment will wear out over time, and with the use of rubber truck box liners, we can extend the life of the box, eliminate maintenance downtime, and save on the driver’s health.  


One reason that going to a Valley Rubber truck box liner versus a common steel wear liner is the reduced amount of mechanical downtime.  The pictures below show the spread of the heavy shock loading in a haul truck box undercarriage with a rubber liner and a steel liner. As you can see, the shock of the load hitting the truck is internally absorbed 400% more by rubber than with steel. This reduces unwanted undercarriage stresses and reduces the jarring motion truck drivers experience. 


Steel Liners- impact forces

Rubber liner- up to a 400% reduction in impact forces.


A main concern of drivers today is the repetitive abuse their body is subjected to when they are getting loaded. Equipment is getting bigger and by going to a rubber lined box, we can minimize the jarring and bouncing of the driver as well as eliminating around 40 decibels of noise. Healthier drivers equate to more available operators and more production. 


By installing a Valley Rubber Truck box liner, we can extend the life of the liners, reduce stresses on the vehicle, and enhance the health and safety of the vehicle operator.


The liners are modular, field installable, and handleably. Contact Jasper Engineering today to learn about how Valley Rubber Truck Box liners can improve your mining operation.


Jason Janisch

Jason Janisch is Vice President of Jasper Engineering. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked extensively in sales and service roles in the mining and water-wastewater industry over the last twenty years. He currently lives on Minnesota’s Iron Range and enjoys bicycling, fishing, and home-improvement projects when not working. You can reach Jason at jdjanisch@jaspereng.com.