YNOT gearboxes

YNOT Keep Your Old Gearbox

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your old, reliable gearbox. You know, that made in the USA, built to stand the test of time gearbox that was made back when everything wasn’t cheap and disposable.

Eventually, there will come a time when Old Faithful will need to be replaced with something new. But what if you didn’t have to replace it?

Drop-in and Go

YNOT is IDC’s drop-in replacement for Y series gearboxes. You get a brand new reducer with the option to upgrade horsepower, as well as upgrades on bearing and seals without having to get a whole new model. You’re essentially keeping your old gearbox, but better!

Drop-in replacement means you use the same footprint as your current gearbox. It’s also equipped with ground gearing for better contact and a quieter operation. Now you don’t have to worry about cheap replacements that don’t last. You can keep using the dependable gearbox that you’ve come to trust and rely on.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the YNOT series gearbox.

Quality Housing 

The YNOT housing isn’t some flimsy aluminum. It’s tough welded steel to provide maximum strength. Because if you don’t have strong, rigid housing, the rest isn’t going to matter.  The housing is also precision machined so that the gears and bearing bores are aligned accurately.

Parting lines on the housing are ground flat to prevent oil leakage and the need for gaskets. Bearing supports are machined with precision and are sized generously for optimal support. 

With such precisely made housing, what’s inside has to be top-notch.

YNOT See What’s Inside

Gears and pinions are steel forged, and the tooth form is made with a full fillet root radius. This lowers the stress parabola, improving bend strength. The operating pressure angles are cleverly designed to reduce specific sliding.

You’ll also find large diameter shafts that are precision machined and ground, created from alloy steel for the highest quality. Bearing and seals won’t disappoint either, because they are designed to exceed the minimum AGMA specifications for severe loading conditions. Dual-lipped seals keep oil in while keeping dirt and water out. Or you have the option of labyrinth-type seals.

As long as we’re talking about oil, we don’t want to forget lubrication. This system is maintenance-free and has a large reservoir that provides excellent thermal ratings. There is continual splash lubrication for the working faces of the gear teeth, and oil troughs to keep the bearings lubricated.

They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

Fortunately, IDC still does, right here in the USA. Find out more about IDC and the YNOT series by contacting Jasper Engineering
today at (800) 776-6184.