Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Technology and Uses

Coriolis meters are used in many different industries including Food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical.  They are the most accurate commonly used flow meter in industry, measuring mass flow, density, and temperature of fluids.


Coriolis meters directly measure the mass flow of fluids (both liquids and gases) via phase shift of vibrating tubes, an application of the “coriolis effect”.    The change in tube frequency caused by a passing fluid is used to determine density.   Typical accuracies are 0.1% by mass of liquid flow, and +/-.0002 g/cc density accuracy.  That is all great, but why is that level of accuracy necessary?


Highly accurate direct mass flow measurement is important to meter high value fluids, where the typical .5% by volume mag flow meter just won’t cut it.  Think about the difference in mass between 1000 gallons of water at 40F vs 1000 gallons of water at 150F (hint- it’s about 165 lbs!) The coriolis meter also is not affected  if the fluid is not conductive (think hydrocarbons or ultrapure water for human injection), and does not require any upstream/downstream pipe diameters of straight run for installation.   


One of the most creative and profitable uses of a coriolis meter is to determine concentration of a (typically) two-component liquid stream.  Let’s say you are in the business of blending water & acid to meet a customer’s specified concentration.  Too much/too little acid and the batch is scrap or will have to be reworked.  Blending in line while the material runs through a coriolis meter and adjusting based on the temperature compensated density is an extremely accurate and scalable solution to keep the concentration right at specification.   Not to mention, also measuring the total amount of material produced down to the gram!


Siemens Coriolis Flow Measurement article


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