power plant

Do You Have Organics in Your Cogeneration Process Water?

Producing pure water in a power plant means removing minerals. However, this purifying process may not necessarily remove all the organic compounds that may be present. These organics can damage power generation equipment and present risks to your entire operation unless you can deal with them appropriately. A total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer is a reliable method for detecting and removing these organics.
optical dissolved oxygen technology

Better Optical DO Technology Reduces Power Plant Corrosion

In a power plant, it is essential to take control of dissolved oxygen (DO) to reduce corrosion levels and the resulting deposits of metal oxide corrosion in critical components. Measuring DO in power plants requires high-performing, reliable optical sensors to achieve successful management.
YNOT gearboxes

YNOT Keep Your Old Gearbox

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your old, reliable gearbox. But what if you didn’t have to replace it with something new? Drop-in replacements may be the answer.