Enviropeel, Bearing Shield

Enviropeel is a thermoplastic barrier that can be applied to your equipment to prevent corrosion, protect the equipment, and provide long term storage protection.  In this blog, we will concentrate on the “Bearing Shield” product.


Contaminants are in direct contact with bearing seals.  This will lead to bearing damage, and premature bearing failure.


Enviropeel’s thermoplastic barrier encapsulates the equipment, preventing ingress and corrosion.  The shaft is free to rotate inside the coating.


The Bearing Shield will be custom made for your bearings and equipment.  The end product will be shipped ready to install quickly and easily.


Case studies available that show up to a 500% increase in service life.

Dave Persson

Dave has been an Outside Salesman with Jasper Engineering for 22 years, covering mechanical equipment in Minnesota and South Dakota. Dave has a B.S. in Marketing from St. Cloud State University. He resides in Hibbing, MN, with his family. He also enjoys most outdoor activities, especially hunting, fishing and golf. You can reach Dave at dspersson@jaspereng.com.