Rulmeca Motorized Pulley – Dual Drive System

There are times in conveyance, when particular head pulley diameters, motor sizes, and belt slippage issues become a problem for installation space and more.  By switching your conveyor to a dual drive system, many of these issues can be overcome.


There are a few main reasons why switching to a dual drive system can be beneficial to the end user. They are below:


1.)    Many times, customer find that they are having slipping issues when running a conveyor that reverses.  They seem to have the pull they need when running in the direction that the head pulley is moving in but struggle when the belt reverses running away from the head pulley. When the head pulley is driving from the tail, pushing occurs along with slippage.  By going to a drive pulley on head and tail, you now not only increased your belt wrap from 180° to 360° but you also are always pulling from the head.


2.)    Horsepower space and requirements – There are applications where certain belts may require more power than there is space for install.  By going to the dual drive, head and tail, we can split one motor in to two.  For example. 50hp is needed but space won’t allow it. By going to a 25hp on the tail and head, we can split the horsepower and possibly the size of the pulleys to allow for proper fitment.


Savings – Some times, larger drives that have all required power in one, are very pricey. By going to two smaller drives, you can keep the costs down but also have a “single” emergency spare if you would if one goes down.


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Ben Delich

Ben is an outside salesman for Jasper Engineering covering the Northern part of Minnesota and North Dakota in heavy industrial equipment. Ben helps solve equipment issues and provides alternative ideas to increase reliability, production, and equipment quality. Before starting at Jasper Engineering, Ben got his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology with a Manufacturing Management emphasis from Bemidji State University. Ben spent a few years working at a few local Taconite mines before coming to Jasper. Ben spends most of his time focusing on conveyor applications, pump and pumping systems, as well as a wide variety of other mechanical and process equipment. Ben enjoys boating, hunting, and hanging out with family. Ben is available for plant visits and phone conversations at any time. You can reach Ben at bjdelich@jaspereng.com.