Sanitization Advantages of the FogClean System vs Other Sprayers

There are different methods for delivering sanitizers and cleaning agents to help fight the Covid 19 virus including electrostatic sprayers, spray bottles, and wiping by hand. Which is the best to use? While each system has its advantages and disadvantages, the Fog Clean System has unique performance features that often make it the best choice when all variables, from initial cost, disinfectant consumption and cost, application time, application effectiveness, sprayer reliability, and country of origin are evaluated. Below are some of the beneficial features of the FogClean system.

The FogClean system works by means of a special nozzle that combines high velocity air with the disinfecting fluid to create a cloud of micron and sub-micron droplets. These droplets are blown into the space and onto the surfaces being disinfected. The FogClean system produces smaller droplet sizes (sub 10um) compared to Electrostatic Sprayers (50-100um).  This ensures larger surface coverage using less disinfectant than other systems. It further provides the ability to sanitize without leaving residue behind which is often desirable if trying to sanitize sensitive equipment where excess moisture can be a problem. 

The FogClean system also produces electrostatically charged droplets without the requirement of batteries or electronics. The only requirement of the FogClean system in addition to the sanitizer of your choice, is a source of air, which can be as simple as using a portable compressor.

The FogClean system can contact airborne pathogens or bacteria due to the droplet size of the fog. This is due to FogClean system generating droplets the same size of the pathogen, virus, fungi, or bacteria. If a droplet is much bigger than the airborne pathogen, micro-airstreams around the large droplet force the pathogen away from the disinfectant droplet and the two never come into contact. This is common with Electrostatic sprayers.

The FogClean system generates a large cloud of sanitizer droplets that can flow anywhere air will go. This makes FogClean one of the most effective systems for delivering sanitizer to both hard to reach places and voluminous areas. Because of the large volume of small droplets, many of them in the respirable range, it is always recommended proper personal protective equipment be worn when using the FogClean system. Finally, the Fog Clean system can be adjusted to provide a wet surface per CDC guidelines or to be a dryer fog to attack airborne pathogens.  Our system can provide both, all in one unit by adjusting the settings.

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Rod Ganther

Rod resides in Hudson, WI and is an Outside Sales Engineer covering the Midwest for Jasper Engineering.  Rod has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota where he also lettered as a member of the Gopher Football Team.  He has over 25 years of experience in helping customers with equipment solutions, engineering, and problem solving.  Rod enjoys working with people and providing technical solutions for all industries. You can reach Rod at reganther@jaspereng.com.