DryFog Systems: Effectively Remove and Suppress Fugitive Dust Emissions

NESCO Water Sprays are effective at targeting piles with fine water to reduce fugitive dust and suppress dust. And, DustTamer Wind Fences can effectively reduce wind velocity and deflect the remaining wind from piles to avoid dust rolling, bouncing, or becoming airborne. But certain situations call for a unique solution. When piles cannot get wet, and are kept under cover, how can you prevent fugitive dust emissions and the harm they can inflict upon workers’ health?

Jasper Engineering represents Dust Solutions’ Dry Fog Systems, a unique and highly effective method of not just suppressing fugitive dust, but actually removing it from the air. Here’s how this revolutionary product works and why it may be just what you need to improve air quality and meet OSHA, MSHA, and environmental regulations.

DryFog Uses Air Atomizing Nozzles

Unlike water spray systems, DryFog uses air atomizing nozzles that produce water droplets of 10 microns or less. These droplets are so tiny that they can actually adhere to tiny dust particles. They add less than .1 percent of moisture by weight yet attach to dust, harmlessly dropping it to the ground without soaking or saturating the ground.

No Special Water Needed!

DryFog systems attach to a regular water supply line and produce fine droplets thanks to our unique technology that uses compressed air to atomize water. When water droplets and air collide, agglomeration occurs, which creates larger particles that fall harmlessly back to the ground. Or, in some cases, DryFog prevents dust from escaping in the first place.

Doesn’t Freeze

Another benefit of the DryFog System over water-based sprays is that DryFog doesn’t freeze in temperatures up to – 60 degrees C. DryFog Systems have been successfully installed in the northern latitude and we have not had a single complaint about the system failing to operate in freezing conditions. In fact, companies are often surprised to find how reliable the DryFog System is to operate in the cold.

Completely Designed Systems

Jasper Engineering provides complete, designed systems that can be installed at material handling points. Modular components and enclosed electronic parts ensure safe installation near conveyor transfer points, trippers, reclaimers, crushers, screeners, and other equipment.
To effectively combat fugitive dust emissions, you need a solution engineered specifically for your requirements and location. Jasper Engineering’s expert staff can help. Whether it’s using DryFog Systems, Dusttamer Wind Fence, NESCO Water Spray systems or a combination of all three, we can help you combat fugitive dust emissions effectively.